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Summary Media:

In the fall of 2016, we launched the “Summary Media” or website, which is the first data media platform in Armenia. Here in the explanatory genre, in summary format, with a combination of multimedia programs, the current and discussed topics are presented. They relate to political and electoral processes, as well as socio-economic issues, market trends, health, education, human rights and other areas. “Summary Media” having a history of only one year of activity, 2017 He has won 4 awards in various journalistic competitions, all in leading positions.

2017 In September, at the annual “Tvapatum” competition, the site’s work was recognized as the best : “Media 3.0. Best Technology Application “nomination. Prizes were awarded for the best coverage of migration , labor law and trafficking . The following years of activity We were rich years with these awards. You can get additional information about them from website.