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Attention. Obstetric Expenses Cared by the Government in Armenia

For already five months a state program of delivery aid is conducted in Armenia, according to which each pregnant woman is given an identity card to enjoy any kind of medical services related to pregnancy and obstetric free of charge. But according to the complaints addressed to the special hot line of the Ministry of Healthcare illegal collection of money is still continued at maternity hospitals.

According to the Ministry in July of this year 60 people out of 140 applying to the hot line complained of the medical institutions’ work realizing obstetric.

Karine Saribekyan, head of Mother-Baby Healthcare Department of the Ministry of Healthcare says people have complained of both extortion and confusion caused at medical institutions, particularly in regard to free and paid services.

“The woman is offered a paid ward, telling as if the free ones are busy. Moreover sometimes it is offered also to share a paid ward with another patient. This is illegal and people should be aware of this. In this respect many complaints were especially received to the address of the medical center “Shengavit”,” says Karine Saribekyan.

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Village Head’s Amiability at the Expanse of Peasants’ Property

There is a disputable problem in Ayrum village of Lori region which hasn’t been solved for years because the village management has rather means than courage to struggle against the authoritative officials of the region and the republic.

The village has about 400 hectare land, more than half being in hands of former and present officials. And not only the reserve, but also the peasants’ properties are concerned.

“If the peasant’s land is taken away and given to the rich, how will the peasant feel?” asked Manvel Vardanyan and gave the answer to his question, “For already several years I can’t stand for my own land. My living conditions are terrible.” And he told that once he used to have an orchard with 80 trees in it. The new “owners” of his own land have rooted them up and now are sowing corn instead.

These events began 10 years ago. Then the mayor of Lori region was Henrik Kochinyan (executing from 1998 to 2007). Some of the peasants unable to cultivate their lands, as well as to pay the taxes once saw their lands to be cultivated by the mayor’s brothers. (One of them, Hovhannes Kochinyan, is a former parliamentarian of the National Assembly, the other one – Haykaz Kochinyan – the head of neighboring village Shnogh.) The peasants mentioned also Artush Boshyan’s name, head of the RA Police Department of Alaverdi, as a famous village land user.

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“I Don’t Want to Give Them My Property”

“Every day President Sargsyan speaks on developing the small and medium size enterprises. Now we are the representatives of that branch, but we are thrown away and the huge area is given to one owner for money making and for only an oligarch getting rich. Maybe later on we would work for him as a slave. But why? I don’t want to give them my property,” says Nikolay Melikyan.

Nikolay is one among those 28 businessmen, who have privatized properties near Botanic Park, an area conterminous to Acharyan Avenue and Tsarav Aghbyur Street. Here there are shops of building materials and car spares, a lot of service centers, but their existence is no longer under threat.

On April 21, 2005 the government came to a decision to separate the mentioned area, 9400square meters, for state needs – for construction. The mayor was assigned to provide realization of the construction projects from 2005 to 2009.

For this reason in July 2006 mayor Yervand Zakharyan adopted Decision 1119-A and assigned the “Investment Project Implementation Unit of Yerevan Construction” (PIU) to realize the construction projects.

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