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Journalists for the Future NGO since its inception[2007թ .] He is active in the fields of Armenian journalism, statistics, copyright protection, information security and media education.

We conduct courses in the field of media, research activities, publish professional books, create innovation platforms, come up with public initiatives.

The vision:

We believe that a stable and secure future is possible when all people have the opportunity to communicate freely with one another. And this is where we try our best to help the Internet և increase the number of users of social networks և develop information literacy.


The organization promotes diversity of information, dissemination of alternative information, free and independent expression, development of impartial media, maintaining the professional qualities of a journalist, and building public trust.

Achievements of the years

Looking back on the past years of activity, we can confidently say that we have always followed our own mission, both the knowledge and experience gained as a result of self-education and training programs, through various initiatives we have passed on to our partners in Armenia, journalists and students. , lecturers, representatives of civil society. Over the years, we have organized dozens of events with the participation of about 4,000 people. The NGO also has a small library with author books and research, which you can use here .


A number of awards have been vividly proved by the effective activity of the “Journalists for the Future” NGO ․

  • 2012 year. February, Prague, Czech Republic ․ “Internet. Equal Opportunity for the Deaf ”was officially selected as one of the 22 most successful projects at the One World Social Innovation Competition.
  • 2012 year. September 28, Yerevan, Armenia ․ During the annual Freedom of Information Center’s Golden Key Rusty Lock Awards, LFA was recognized as the NGO that made the most of its access to information. As a symbol of open and good work, the organization was awarded the “Golden Key” certificate .
  • 2013 February, Yerevan, Armenia ․ At the annual Na / Ne Journalism Awards, the first prize in the Public Reporter category went to a LHA journalist.