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  • On May 2, the work of media representatives was disrupted

    On May 2, the work of media representatives was disrupted

    Opposition forces disrupt professional activities of a number of media outlets in Yerevan on May 2

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  • Net Lawyer from Russia: “Censorship Actually has Returned to the Country” had an exclusive interview with lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan, an Armenian internet activist living in Moscow, member of Trunov, Ayvar and Partners Bar Council, and an active public figure at the same time. He is also a member of Pirate Party of Russia and the head of the site and domain owners’ rights protection section…

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  • American Investigative Journalist: “Never Give up while Searching Information and Don’t Take the “No” Answer”

    The investigative journalism plays a crucial role in the journalistic field. The information technologies create great facilities for the development of this aspect of journalism. Particularly, investigative journalism has a great significance for each society in terms of covering key issues and problems and trying to offer suggestions to them. had an interview with… Read…

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  • OGP Initiative: Participation Process of Armenia is Uncertain

    In the 21st century the unprecedented development of informational technologies creates new possibilities in different spheres among them the state government system. Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative which Armenia is involved in since 2011, is a governance system using information technologies, which aims to make the Government open, transparent, accountable and reliable for the citizens… Read…

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  • The Internet at Crossroad of Freedom of Speech and Restrictions

    Life in Armenia is no longer possible to imagine without the Internet. Particularly, in such developing countries as Armenia, the Internet freedom has another important significance besides communication and data exchange.  The Internet is a free platform with wide facilities for political actors and civil society activists. The strongly polarized TV companies and the disproportionate… Read…

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  • No one is For: Editors against the Bill Related to Online Media

    On March 31, during the parliamentary hearings on the bill related to “Amendments to the Civil Code”, at the discussion phase of the issue, co-author of the bill, MP Naira Zohrabyan declared that journalists have made a request of such an amendment to the law though mentioning no certain names. “As an ex-journalist, I was… Read…

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  • Tracing Cybercrime

    In Armenia very few people are aware of the definition of cyber security. As a term it is more often used as information security. However the importance of the latter is not so much realized among the society of Armenia as it is done in the West. The same concerns the term “cybercrime”. While in… Read…

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  • Armenology: The Way of Life for Iranian

    41-year-old armenologist Mohammad Malek-Mohammadi is teaching Armenian students Persian more than two years. He came to Armenia from the city Esfahan in Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of interstates agreements and lives in Yerevan with his wife and daughter. Mohammad learned Armenian in both countries in Iran and in Armenia. But Master’s and… Read…

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