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Broadcasting Stopped: GALA TV Equipment Dismantled from the Tower

On October 25, the Court of Appeal decided that GALA TV has to dismantle its equipment from the broadcasting tower belonging to the Gyumri municipality.

The equipment was moved to the Gyumri central TV tower which belongs to the TV and Radio Broadcasting Network. After dismantling, GALA TV stopped airing, but the head of the TV Company states that the broadcasting will be restored in several hours if no additional difficulties occur during the installation works.

“Two months ago we received a letter from the Court Enforcement Service. They asked in what phase the dismantling process was. We answered that we had technical problems with delivering our signal to the other tower, and that we needed time to find appropriate experts,” says GALA TV owner Vahan Khachatryan.

On the dismantling day, GALA TV again received a letter from the Enforcement Service but did not answer it as the dismantling works were over.

It is not clear yet what quality the GALA TV programs will have as a result of moving to the new tower.

“Maybe in some places it will become better and in some places worse. It depends on the tower position. I can’t tell anything till we try it,” says Vahan Khachatryan.

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