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Armenian Journalist Presents Armenia on CNN (video)

For already a year and a half, Gayane Avetisyan, journalist of “Yerkir Media” TV, has been representing Armenia to the CNN viewers in the frames of the “World View” program.

Stories about the Tatev ropeway, Armenian ritual dolls, Sisyan wine-making and Qarahunj observatory received positive feedback.

“Many countries cooperate with the “World View” on CNN. The aim of the program is to present the country from the local journalists’ point of view,” says Gayane.

The cooperation is on voluntary basis: the crew does not receive any money for the stories. The only reward is the opportunity to show Armenia to multi-million audience of CNN. On the occasion of Independence Day of Armenia, September 21, Gayane was awarded with a letter of gratitude by the RA Prime Minister for the initiative.

Her last report was from Karabakh telling about the ancient Armenian city Tigranakert, airing of which raised dissatisfaction of neighboring Azerbaijan. Baku demanded explanations from the US Embassy.

“We always wanted to make a story about Karabakh but we had to stay neutral as it is a conflict zone. This year I spent my vacation in Karabakh and I was very impressed by the Tigranakert excavations, and after all, we decided to make a report about the ancient city,” says Gayane.

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