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The Stranger through my lens

Blue eyes, lined attractive feature, white hair and a calm voice – “Take as much photos as you want, I don’t mind and I’m not in hurry”.

The first day with my camera in street and the first portrait I took. I was afraid of everyone and everyone was afraid of me.

I got complex to look through my lens until I met this stranger on Tumanyan Street. I didn’t ask his name, didn’t now who  he was, but I took a portrait of him.

In the evening, uploading the photos from camera I was disappointed with the images I took.

Nearly all the pictures that I did were dark, nothing saying about faces or views.

Different thoughts come to me – “I am not for doing this… I should stop taking photos… I will never succeed to take a single good image…”.

And here comes my inspiration – the pleasant, patient old man’s portrait. 

A year passed, I am still photographing and I see my future in it.


This article was one of the assignments at the Youth in the 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Workshop organized by Open Society Foundations-Armenia, Open Society Foundations Youth Program and IDEA (International Debate Education Association) from Jan 26 to Feb 6, 2012 at Aghveran. The writer was one of the participants at the workshop.


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National Geographic seeks photo submissions

The Daily Dozen project, sponsored by National Geographic, publishes 12 photographs each week online.

Of those photos, a selection is published each month in the print magazine. To view photos published in the past, click here.

Photographers may only submit one photo per weekly submission period. Digital photo editing is not encouraged. For a full list of regulations, click here.

For more information on the contest, click here.


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