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7 Stupidest Mistakes We Keep Seeing On Facebook

1. Revealing Your Complete Birth Date

Why would anyone give out their complete date of birth in a public setting?

Unless you are 25 years young and under, why in the world would you really want anyone to get why you sing along to elevator music, or why you no longer think of the speed limit as a challenge?

According to money experts, giving away your complete date of birth is just what an identify thief is looking for as he or she carefully pieces your profile together for the next big caper.

If you look forward to those countless birthday well wishes, just supply your month, date of birth and exclude the year.

2. Announcing You’re Away

You might as well swing open your front door and hang a sign out front that says “Gone fishin’” when you let folks know that you are away on vacation.

Robbers come in all shapes, colors, sexes and are from all walks of life, and they could well be masquerading behind fake aliases on Facebook.

So brag about your fabu vacation after you’ve turned that key in your front door and sighed, “It’s good to be back home.”

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