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Three New Lawsuits Against “Zhoghovurd” Daily Before the End of Month

On October 17, the daily “Zhoghovurd” received the third in this month notification of a lawsuit. All the three suits were filed claiming to receive compensation for defamation and insult. The overall amount of compensation claimed for the three lawsuits is 5,248,000 AMD (about $13,950).

The “Zhoghovurd” daily is being published since February 1, 2011 with a circulation of 3,500 copies. And since June 2011 the newspaper has launched its website –

The first lawsuit was brought against by the governor of the Gegharkunik marz Nver Poghosyan who has demanded the daily to pay 2,2 million AMD (about $5,850).

The governor has applied to the court after the “Zhoghovurd” published a statement made by Ttujur village inhabitant Anna Torosyan in the article “The Governor Took Bribes” in its October 7 issue.

According to Torosyan the governor has taken US $3,000 by means of his driver to secure the victory for the vacancy of history teacher for Anna Torosyan’s rival, inhabitant of the same village.

In the interview with JNews, the daily’s editor-in-chief Taguhi Tovmasyan said that no preliminary hearing has been arranged for this lawsuit but the court has ordered the police to investigate the case of Nver Poghosyan.

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Google+ hits 20 million mark in three weeks

Google’s latest social-networking foray has reportedly hit the 20 million member mark in just three weeks.

Google+ has had 20 million unique visitors since its release late last month, including 5 million from the U.S., according to data released today by research firm ComScore. Google apparently reached that milestone just a week after Google CEO Larry Page reported that the social network had reached 10 million visitors and had received “a ton of activity” with more than 1 billion items shared and received each day.

“It is definitely the fastest ascent to 20 million visitors that I can think of,” Andrew Lipsman, ComScore’s vice president of industry analysis, told the Los Angeles Times.

A Google spokesperson declined to address the report, saying the company does not comment on third-party metrics.

Google launched Google+ late last month not even in beta, letting in only a handful of users, who could later invite their friends and family. Page noted at the time that the service remains in a “field trial” mode, and with “a lot of barriers” to use it right now, but that the company is continuing to expand how many have access to it.

Despite its meteoric growth in its first three weeks, a population of 20 million pales in comparison with Facebook’s 750 million, half of whom log in daily.

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