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Closing event of the “Access to Healthcare in Armenia” project

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. All efforts of the healthcare system are doomed if proper attention is not paid to human living conditions and environment.

In this context, the “Journalists for the Future” NGO and “Ampop Media” data research platform, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, implemented the “Access to Healthcare in Armenia” project last year.

At the closing of the project, the event participants were presented the “Healthcare in Armenia: Quality, Access, Affordability” online bilingual special issue (Armenian version and English version). It consists of thematic stories in the genre of explanatory journalism and dozens of infographics and charts.

The event was attended by representatives of the healthcare and human rights sectors and the media.

“Such projects are important, especially in our society, where the culture of visiting medical facilities for preventive check-ups is quite low. Meanwhile, this kind of explanatory stories and simple infographics can change the perceptions among the public,” says Liana Badalyan, project coordinator of the Armenian branch of Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The authors personally presented some of the topics covered in the issue, among them the alarming fatality statistics due to neoplasms in the RA, increase in diseases and complications of the pregnant, impact of Covid-19 on the treatment of tuberculosis, lack of medical workers in the regions of Armenia by pointing out the findings they revealed while studying the topic.

At the event also animated clips highlighting the socio-economic indicators of the RA that directly affect the health condition of the citizens were screened. The clips, too, were created within the framework of the project. Participants shared their observations regarding the represented stuff and suggested addressing other issues in the field as well.

“Unfortunately, today we live in the era of “scrolling”: people spend a lot of time on social networks and the most shared information is the few-second information. “Ampop Media” has developed wonderful stuff related to human health and life. This need to be crystallized and shared on Instagram or other social networks in order to attract the attention of the wider public,” says Violeta Zopunyan, lawyer at the “Law Development Center” NGO.

She adds, “Citizens are indifferent towards their own health and they don’t consider undergoing examinations every six months something relevant, so that they do not spend additional money on medical services or put their lives in danger. Such campaigns should attract their attention and change their attitude.”

“It will be very good if you start an awareness campaign about cancer prevention, as “Ampop Media” has technical experience and very interesting skills, and we are ready to support you with our knowledge and experience,” says Armen (Armos) Martirosyan, founder and director of the Health Fund for Children of Armenia.

Thanking the participants for their positive feedback and recommendations, Suren Deheryan, the project director and the President of the “Journalists for the Future” NGO, expressed hope that the special issue on healthcare will be useful for all those who are interested in contributing to formation of a physically, mentally and socially healthy society in Armenia.